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Your all-in-one Swag AI solution

Swag As A Service

Covver is changing the swag game, taking away all the pain involved in the process by creating a streamlined and automated one of a kind branded swag store - in just a few seconds! Offer your people the best ecommerce experience, and save yourself lots of time and money by joining large scale companies from around the world that are using Covver for their corporate, global branded swag solution

Swag as a service
The Challenges Of Swag

The traditional process of managing swag can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. HR managers are constantly facing the challenge of providing branded swag that not only boosts employee engagement and loyalty, but also serves as an effective advertising tool. How do you ship swag to all your people around the world? Will people even enjoy or make use of the swag you give them? Or will they throw it away? While Swag should be fun, exciting and enjoyable, these types of questions take the fun out of swag, and more importantly, its effectiveness. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The Solution That Will Take Care Of EVERYTHING 

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with the hassles of inventory, bulk ordering, global shipping, and avoid investing in a swag that no-one will enjoy or use. Here is our new solution that will take care of everything for you, creating a streamlined, automated one-of-a-kind swag store - in just a few seconds!

Meet Covver! An all-in-one platform that will create your own customized swag store with endless designs. Covver offers your people the freedom to choose and order their own favorite and personalized branded swag- apparel, hats, bags, accessories, gadgets, bottles, office supplies and more - available in your company color scheme and a wide range of sizes. This familiar ecommerce experience will make it easy for employees to select and order their preferred branded swag - including free global shipping!

Claim your own branded Swag Store now!

Engage More - Spend Less!

Covver is a pay-as-you-go platform with no hidden fees and no minimum order. There will be no charge until your people begin ordering from your store, so you only pay for what people actually want, making it the best cost-effective investment!

AI Generated Swag
How Does It Work?

 Covver’s AI algorithm creates and designs popular items, based on your company’s graphic language. All you have to do is upload your logo, and the smart Auto Designer tool will create an eye-catching, beautiful and customized store which is designed based on the logo within only a few seconds! The store automatically connects to multiple suppliers as our network of fulfillment centers is strategically located across the globe to help us reduce CO₂ emissions produced when transporting packages.

We know what you're probably thinking - it’s too good to be true!

Don’t believe us?

Give it a try - upload you logo and claim your own branded Swag Store.

Control Your Budget 

Being on top of your swag budget is crucial for keeping your costs low and your culture high. Therefore, managing your store is as easy as building it! 

Covver’s friendly dashboard shows maximum transparency in everything related to the store's budget, performance and operations.

The admin will be able to:

  1. Easily add new people - manually, by uploading a CSV file or by simply syncing to your HIRS system.
  2. Set a budget per user - each credit has a value of $1 USD and can be used to purchase items in your store.
  3. View the store’s activity and track people's statuses.

This way, Covver guarantee the best swag experience - for both admins and users! 

Ready to celebrate your brand?

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The best thing about Covver is the experience!
Up til now we had to find something that fits everyone. Now - Everyone can choose what fits them!
Lora Lovinger
Employee Experience Specialist, Lumen
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